LOGLINE: A young couple move to a quaint college town where things are not as they appear to be on the surface.



A young couple, Sam and Crystal, move to a quaint college town into an old house provided by the University where Sam will begin his new position as a staff professor in Classics.

Crystal is not thrilled to transport the family to the middle of Appalachia with no friends and a young son, Jacob. Her fears are intensified when Jacob immediately starts to talk to an imaginary friend upon entering the strange new home.

Her state of mind slowly deteriorates with the pressure from the new move and her husbands’ long hours. She starts to obsess over historical details about the town and it’s connection to the supernatural.

As she begins to learn more about the city’s mythology she becomes convinced that they must leave before the dark forces that lie just beneath the surface of the town consume them.

You can download the first 30 pages of the script here.


David Winkfield All Rights Reserved © 2013