LOGLINE: A street-smart runaway develops a taste for blood after being attacked and left for dead by a mysterious creature.


A young runaway gets kicked out of her group home after a vicious altercation.  She travels uptown, where her father is a low-level drug dealer, for a place to stay. She is assaulted by a mysterious creature in the neighborhood and left for dead.

Black, a runner in her father’s crew finds her lifeless beaten body and brings her home to recuperate.  She wakes with a hunger she’s never known and a craving for blood.

It's an urban vampire film set in Harlem. It was a hard shoot and took a bit over a year to complete a finished product becasue I did a first pass at the edit and handled a great deal of the visual effects.

You can take a look at the STORYBOARDS or read the SCRIPT.


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