I am a creative that focuses on narrative storytelling.

I have experience in commercial, film, and tv industries creating content.

I design, animate, write, and direct.


Motion Reel 2014

Hooked on Cheese

Versatile Studios Social Media

Knights & Weekends

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Redcar History

Sunday Eats


Miss Ida Blue

Guide to Better Drinking

Checked Up

Terry from Ohio


Anatomy of the Lonely

Case Studies



1. Connect

It all starts with discussing your project and the ideas to make your project become a succes.

2. Design

Sketching, wireframing and designing. We always keep you up to date of the progress we make.

3. Execution

We make sure the stuff is actually working for every customer around the globe.

4. Implementation

We make sure to keep your project up and running and keep thinking about new strategies.



Person of Earths

David Winkfield specializes in creative strategy, directing, editing, motion gfx, graphic design, and on-set visual effects supervising. These various skills enable him to conceptualize and execute ideas for various platforms. Winkfield founded Naked Pictures in 2012 to create customized content for short form commercials and integrated marketing solutions for products and brands. Winkfield serves as Creative Director at Wild Child, an editorial company in New York City. Recently, Winkfield has worked with Zicam, Heluva Good, University of Pittsburg Medical Center, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, American Petroleum Institute, Gillette, CWonder, Ziploc, Charles Schwab, Duracell, Pilsbury, Comcast and Time Warner Cable, BBC America, MTV, Spike TV, Time Warner, Nickelodeon, Duracell, and Toyota.


David Winkfield


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